NB Massage

•    Body Massage                                                            1hr           £45
Absolute wellbeing. Body massage using warm nourishing massage oil.    
•    Ultimate Body Massage – Relax, Uplift, Detox, Senses    1hr20 mins  £55
Tension is eased from your body with this heavenly massage. Your skin is treated to the incredibly smoothing sensation of warm aromatic oils.

•    Back & Legs                                                               40 mins     £35
Relief of muscular tension in back, neck and shoulders. Instantly refreshing and invigorating for tired aching legs.                

•    Relax Back Massage                                                   30 mins       £30
Relaxing and stress relieving massage of back neck and shoulders. Feel the tension melt away.                           
•    Legs and Feet Massage                                              30 mins        £30
Put the bounce back in your step rejuvenating lower legs and feet. Warm massage balm enhances the experience and flushes excess fluids leaving feet revived and light.                

•    Indian Head Massage                                                   1hr             £45
Sublimely calming holistic massage. All traces of tension are gently eased from back, neck shoulders and scalp.         

•    Oriental Head Massage                                                30 mins       £30
Drift into a deep relaxation with massage and soothing essential oils gently easing tension from scalp, neck and shoulders.